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Project Description
The SharePoint Database Web Part Suite helps you to integrate your database information into SharePoint like any other ordinary SharePoint List. The Web Part Suite supports list views and detail dialogs to modify or to create new database entries.

See how it works video (Part 1).

See how it works video (Part 2).

To bring data into the SharePoint Interface only three steps are necessary:
1. Put the Web Part onto a SharePoint Page
2. Configure the Database Connection settings
3. Setup the list view columns

It is possible to define for each reference column a Lookup table to resolve foreign keys to display readable text.
During the setup for the display columns inside the detail dialog it is possible to define:
- Required fields
- Input formats (e.g.: (999) - 9999 - 999)
- Validation rules as regular expressions

Detail Dialog:

Please feel free to try out - any questions, comments and suggestions are welcome.

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